Photo Gallery 438: Last session at the Astoria
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All photos on this page (c) Melvyn Vincent 2008 - cheers Mel!  Here are his accompanying comments:

"You no doubt remember the Hawkwind portraits I did at the Royal Festival Hall in London a while
back. (2001 I think).
[See Photo Gallery 315] Well....attached you'll find some new portraits and
various other pics I did of the band during the sound check prior to their Xmas gig at the Astoria last
December.  Unfortunately the Astoria has or is in the process of being demolished as part of a major
redevelopment in that particular area of the West End of London.

I'm a great fan of moody lighting and I devised a small set-up in a corner of the auditorium where I
could stand each member (one at a time). One spotlight was hung from about one metre above their
head, casting a narrow band of light that scrimmed over the front of their face, giving various effects
depending on where they stood and how they positioned their head (the effect is reminiscent of the cover
shot for Queens 'Bohemian Rhapsody'). I prewarned the guys that the effect I was after was not going to
be flattering...but hopefully dramatic! I'm fairly pleased with the end results...and comped the best of
them together for a group shot. the very can say they're different.

I then switched to another light positioned on the left of the subject, whereby I could take a more
conventional....and er...flattering style of shot