Photo Gallery 450: Dog's Dinner VIII
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Once again the title refers not to the quality of the photos, but to my, er, compositional skills in putting
them all together...thanks to all who sent them in, and I am ashamed to say that in some cases I have
forgotten who that was, exactly  :-/
Left: Harvey Bainbridge, 16/03/2008.  Above: who
is that?  What are they *doing*?  It's all a mystery
Above: Inner City Unit, 28/08/2009.  Left: Space
Ritual in 2005, thx to Steve Jones for the pic
Below, Space Ritual on 07/05/2008.  This looks to
be a rather better-attended gig than the one in the
photo above :-)
Right, anti-heroin
gig at Crystal
Palace in 1985.  
(L-R) Huw, Nik,
Alan Davey,
Brock and  
Bainbridge on
stage.  With a
dancer, maybe?

Below: Bob
Calvert with an
astronaut friend,
Above & below: 1973 stage shots
Above: Stacia at the Southend Kursaal in 1974.  
Thanks to Tog for this photo.  Right & above right:
more Stacia at Harlow, the same year