Photo Gallery 452: Barney Bubbles Memorial Concert 29/11/09
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Thanks to Dreamworker (not Rob, but a different one) for the photos and brief review on this page
Above: a grim-looking lot.  L-R Adrian Shaw, Nik Turner, Simon King (yes, really), Doug Smith, Harvey
Bainbridge, Steve Swindells and Alan Davey
Just back from the gig having a late night cuppa so I thought I'd report back... Great night, nice
atmosphere. The band were Steve Swindells (keyboards and vocals), Danny Thompson (drums), Alan
Davey (bass and vocals), Adrian Shaw (bass and vocals), Jerry Richards (guitar and vocals), Nik Turner
(vocals, sax and flute), Harvey Bainbridge (keyboards) and Ron Tree (vocals).

Simon King was there, and Tony Carrera danced. The set list was Earth Calling, Born To Go, Orgone
Accumulator, Ten Seconds of Forever, Brainstorm, The Reptoid, Seven By Seven, Sonic Attack, Master
of the Universe, Opa Loka, You Shouldn't Do That, Steppenwolf, Psi Power and Silver Machine

So, not the complete Space Ritual, but the band were great, sounded good if a bit under rehearsed. Terry
Ollis had flu. The venue was fairly full without being rammed.  What a lovely night and everyone so
friendly. The real suprise I suppose had to be Simon King, the crowd went bonkers when Nik mentioned
he was in the house.
Right: Ron Tree, ever more cadaverous, with Nik,
ever more Albert Steptoe-like, below
Below: the now rarely-seen Danny Thompson