Photo Gallery 466: Dog's Dinner X
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Thanks to: RobMan for the 1984-85 pics, Clumsy Al for those from Bristol Academy 14/12/2009 and
Porchester 29/08/2009, and Alfred Koessl for those from Burg Herzberg 16/07/2010
This opening quartet is from Burg Herzberg
16/07/10.  Richard was on fire that night, apparently
Dave Brock, above, Tim Blake, right and Mr. Dibs
Above, and to the right; Dave, Niall and Robot at
Porchester Hall, 29/08/2009
Left: this looks like a re-enactment of the dancer,
whose name was Hilary, I think, on the back cover of
The Business Trip CD
These pics of the dancers, and (below) Mr.Dibs (who
has been known to hop from foot to foot in moments
of extremis...) are from Bristol Academy 14/12/2009
Below: also Bristol Academy 14/12/2009
Left, Bob Calvert promotes his first solo LP
Captain Lockheed & the Starfighters in 1974
Above & left, Hawkwind 1984...more here