Photo Gallery 479: Pot Pourri VII
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This superb photo was supplied by and is (c) John Chase 2009.   It's from Porchester Hall, 29/08/2009
You have to hand it to... Nik (above, London
2009); the 2010 Australian tour line-up (left -from
the top down,  Niall Hone, Dave Brock, Mr.Dibs,
Tim Blake, dancers Steff and Laura, Richard
Chadwick); and Stacia (below, USA tour 1974)
Below: dancers and light show, with Dave in there
somewhere, at the London HMV Forum,
Stacia Windsor 1973 and now-ish.
Above (L-R):Niall Hone, Mr. Dibs, Dave Brock &
Tim Blake (discernable by his keytar)
Above, the Captain explains everything.  Well,
nearly.  Left: & below, HMV Forum, 17/12/2010.
All the following photos are from Southampton Brook, 15th December 2008.  Thanks to Bryan Rideout
for these, and we start off with a picture of him and his mad mates...
"Who packed this suitcase?  Where's the