Photo Gallery 482: Gunslinger 20/05/2011
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Thanks to John-Paul for these photos and narrative
Having just moved to a little village outside worksop, north notts, and being a biker, I immediately started
looking for the best places to go. 12 months later and having found the best pub in worksop and become
good friends with the owner ( also a biker ) I asked " if I can get one of my favourite bands to play on my
birthday would you go for it" yes was the reply, so I contacted alan who I had chatted to at hawk shows
through the years and had followed in his new venture " gunslinger" around the north of England. Yes he
said we will play for you, so I put him on to chris my pal who owned the pub. Chris and his pub " the
frog and nightgown" were only a small venue catering mainly to local bands and could’nt afford a
band like gunslinger. It did'nt matter, alan having remembered me from all the years said he would play for
free for my birthday. WOW I thought how nice is that. A local band called zyos
[is that them above left?],
who's members I know took no persuading to support and the night was set.
Besides Alan himself, Gunslinger presently consists
of Cat on drums (left) and Louis Davey (below,
and showing quite a family resemblance)
" the frog" is a small venue with a stage in the corner only inches high but with a good sound system and
a good friend pete performing wonders with his lights the place rocked. Friends of mine and gunslinger
fans came from far and wide and were treated to an night of rock music the way rock music should be,
loud fast energetic and fun. I'm not going into the set list or the music ( we all know about that) but what
I will say is, what a fantastic jesture by alan ( and cat and loius ) for playing for me, not many would do
that. The three people who make up gunslinger are superbly talented musicians and more importantly are
true rock people with no egos and true to there music and fans. Proper people playing proper music. I
will always remember that night, for the music and the people.

thanks to chris, pete, nick, cat and all the staff. and a big thanks to alan, cat and louis. you all rock.