Photo Gallery 483: Nik Turner's Hawklords 27/10/2011
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Thanks to John Chase for these images from Nik Turner's Hawklords playing at Chislehurst
Beaverwood Club on Octber 27th 2011
Went to see the Hawklords last week at The Beaverwood Club, in Chislehurst South East London. What a
great evening it was. If you want to hear some obscure Hawkwind songs (if you you've been watching
Hawkwind live for the last 23 years that is), then check out The Hawklords. They rattlled through a great
set of classic Hawkwind numbers, combining well-trodden classics with rarely heard numbers such as
Quark Strangeness and Charm, Children of the Sun, 25 Years, and my personal favourite Dreamworker...
couldn't disagree more with your correspodent on this one, Dreamworker did for me what Brainstorm
does for others:: a driving, dynamic number building into an exciting wall of sound.  Re-worked from
Choose Your Masques days and owing more to 1986 than '82 with Alan Davey's riff driving it along, this
was great stuff.

Ron Tree is a great frontman, just wish he'd go the final mile and bring back those days of the Alien tour
where he showed such imagination with his stage persona, costumes and THAT robot. Nik seemed a bit
out of it though, reports of him being a bit deaf these days were backed up by he and Ron arguing about
the volume in Nik's monitor, which he asked to be turned up. Can't wait to see them again.
Adrian Shaw, above left.  Ron Tree, above and
left.  Steve Swindells, below