Photo Gallery 51: Another Mixed Bag
Two 1980's stage shots
Above: Hawkwind 1972.  This looks like it might be video capture from the Silver Machine BBC film clip
Left: Huw
Pic on right
by Alan
Taylor :
Right: out of this world; from the cover
of the Psychedelic Warlords compilation
Left & Above: Bob on stage, 1976-77
Nik Turner
Simon House
Left: Hawkwind 2003.  L-R Arthur Brown,
Richard Chadwick, Dave Brock, Alan Davey,
presumably in Earth Studios (or a potting shed)
Below: Hawkwind on stage in 1975 or 1976: L-R Paul Rudolph, Bob Calvert, Dave Brock
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Harvey @ The Astoria 29/12/2000 - thanks to
Alfred Koessl for this photo