Photographs - Gallery 52: Memorabilia VII
Above: signed Dream of Isis poster from 1996 or so
Above:  tour ad from May2003 issue of Classic Rock
Above: the sheet music that launched a thousand Bontempi Home Organ purchases back in 1972
Below: a flyer that was distributed by two wastrels at the Astoria gig on 25/05/03...
Above: very rare metal ISOS badge

      Right: 2001 Voiceprint flyer
Below: Hawklords 7" picture sleeve single
Below: French 7" picture sleeve single
Above & Below: Front and back of a
2001 tour flyer.  The back has a

Right: ad for the Astoria, 25/05/03
Below: German 7" picture sleeve
Another German release 7" single
Bob Calvert commemorative
Above: unusual plastic badge
from 1978
Below: front and back of the Back On The Streets pic sleeve 7"
Above & Below: Voiceprint sale flyer from 2001.  They continue to do great deals on Hawkwind
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