Photographs - Gallery 53: Memorabilia VIII
Right: rare
Argentine copy
of Hall of the
Mountain Grill -
note the album
title translated
into Spanish as
"La Antesala de
la Montana

Below: the label
on the vinyl disc
- "Venta
means "Sale
Prohibited" as
this is a promo

Pics courtesy
of Filip
Right: Griffin Press
Release / Sales Kit for
the Undisclosed Files
Addendum CD
Above: Cloth patch
from 1979 or 1980
at a guess...
Below: 1978 Hawklords album/tour ad.  That was some tour!
Above: full-page ad for the 1978
reissue of the Silver Machine
Above: Wide-Angle collectors edition of the 1986 Chaos video
Below Left & Right: front & back cover of the May 1979 Hawklords 12" EP, comprising 25 Years, Only
The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid, and (only on the 12" edition) PXR5 - credited to Hawkwind.  
This EP was issued in grey vinyl, but there were a few copies pressed on black vinyl copy- -these are
Above Left: the 1981
Sonic Attack tour

Above Right: the 1985
Hawkon Convention

Left: 1976 Unofficial
Hawkwind tour
Above: 1980 tour patch

Left: an unusual red
Hawkwind / Hawklords
patch.  I think these
designs date from
1978-79 to confirm that
the  Hawklords =

Below: Independent
Days lighter
Left: 1973 Hawkwind at
Wembley programme

Below: Space Ritual badge
Below: front and rear of the Metal Shield that accompanied the Undisclosed Files Addendum CD reissue in
2000 (?).  Thanks to Mick Crook and Dave Law for these images
Above: poster for the 19/10/2002 Wembley
gig supporting Motorhead.
Right: 1972 Silver Machine sales flyer
Above: 1987 Fanzine
Above: Egyptian copy of the Space Ritual album.  This
version of the cover was used throughout the Islamic
world!  Thanks to Rod Stankey for this image
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