Photo Gallery 54: Live at Wels, Austria, 26/03/1991
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Many thanks to Alfred Koessl who took these photos.  The woman seen in many of these pics is of
course Bridgett Wishart.  Other personnel are Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick, Harvey Bainbridge
and Steve Bemand, guitarist for Smart Pils, who deputised for Dave Brock on this entire tour
Above: Bridgett's toothache caused some problems...until Harvey dragged her out of range of the mic...
Above: this chap is Mr. Steve Bemand
...Bird of Paradise, that's what.  Nice speaker
cabinets, eh?!
Although Dave Brock couldn't make the tour, his
sideburns were there, on Alan Davey's head!
1980's leisure wear, Scottish
Widows TV ads, Ozzy
impressions...what will she think of
The rhythm section decide the best repsonse to this is
some heads-down no-nonsense mindless boogie