Photo Gallery 56: Mugshots
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Captain Bl@ck surely courts dismissal with that
choice of neckwear
Stacia - joined Hawkwind 1971, legged it 1975
Del Dettmar - soulful
I described a previous photo as looking like it had been taken
during the Crimean War -it still doesn't explain why Stacia is
dressed as Florence Nightingale, though
Alan Davey soundchecking at
HawkFest 2002 - photo by Alan
Ade Shaw 1977
Right: 1982,
quite possibly
at the 'henge
Below: Querulous Bob Calvert 1976
Adrian Shaw,
dumpster diver!
Above: From the
Chronicle of the Black
Sword tour, 1985.  
Dave stepped up to the
mic and intoned nasally
"Now I'd like to take
you back to a time
exactly 5 minutes before
the Dawn of Creation.."
Tony Blair lookalike
Matthew Wright
guested on Spirit of the Age
Remember when
Hawkwind had
sensible vocalists?
Michael Moorcock. (So that's where Captain
Bl@ck got the tie from - I take back what I said)
Below: L-R: Alan Davey, Dave Brock, Arthur Brown
on stage at Walthamstow 13/12/02. Photo by Alan
More tea, Vicar?
Birmingham, 8th November 2001.  Huwie looks very Nigel Tufnel-ish...