Photographs - Gallery 57: Memorabilia IX
Above: Cover of The Final Programme VHS video, the 1973 film of the Michael Moorcock book,
featuring the adventures of Jerry Cornelius.  Hawkwind's appearance in the film end up on the cutting
room floor.  This one is contemporary - thanks to Simon Lilly for this image

Below: the same film, and a somewhat simnilar cover, from the 1980's.  But note it was rated U back
then, and 15 now...thanks to Mick Crook for this one!
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Astounding Sounds time... flyer
(left), badge (above), music
paper ad (right) and patch
(below)  - all from 1976-77
Above: 1996 Festival
Above left, above right and below left: the packaging from the 1994 Griffin '25 Years On' boxed set
Above & Right:
Dave Brock solo
picture disc single,


Below: December
1972 issue of Let It
Rock magazine
Above: locally-printed
poster from 1995 gig in
Boulder, Colorado USA

Right and Below:
pre-recorded cassettes.  
You can't skin up on
The early 80's were
the heyday of
Hawkwind fanzines -
seen here are (right)
issue 6 of Brian
Tawn's Hawkfan,
issue 3 of Terry
Hawkfriends (below
right) and an early
issue of Orbit, also
by Terry Hawke,
which was
Hawkfriends retitled
to avoid confusion
with Trevor Hughes'
HawkFrendz fanzine...
Above: unusual badge featuring Dave
Brock on stage, with the word
'Hawkwind' nowhere to be seen
Another locally-produced poster from Hawkwind's 1995 tour
of the USA