Photographs - Gallery 58: Memorabilia X
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Above: a retrospective badge

Right and Below: Japanese release
of the Doremi album, with UA
press photos printed on an insert
Above: 1980 Levitation badge
topped and tailed by 1979 'Masters
of the Universe' tour badges

Left & Below: Japanese 'Space
Ritual' album cover
Below: rare non-picture sleeve Motorhead EP
Below: 8-track cartridges, which would
go very nicely with leopardskin
upholstry and white wall tyres
Below: the very splendid Roadhawks album - the first Hawkwind
I owned, and still a favourite cover...
Below: 1973 music paper ad for the
Space Ritual album
Above: 1982 'Church of
Hawkwind' badge.  If they
had stained glass windows
like this I might actually go
to church once in a while

Below: 1985 'Needle Gun'
picture disc 7" single
Above: 1982 'Choose
Your Masques' badge

Left: 1972 lyrics mag.  
Does anyone else
remember 'Disco 45' ?!

Left: 1985 picture sleeve
'Zarozinia' 7" single.  
There was also a 12"
version with an identical
Left: 1980
'Levitation' badge,
this one is unusual
in having a red
Above: 1977 Charisma ad which appeared in the UK music press