Photo Gallery 63: Bristol May 2003
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All photos on this page were taken by Alan Taylor, to whom my grateful thanks...
Above: the Captain quickly checks
his fingering. "Index finger on the
6th string, was it..."

Left: Someone in the crowd yelled
out "Slaphead!"....erm, it wasn't
meant as an instruction, Arthur...
Left: Android

Right: Arthur's
tribute to Little
Weed of Bill
and Ben fame
It's all too much: Arthur flakes out (left)
Left: the Captain
glances across at the
rhythm section in
consternation.  He was
later overheard saying
to the bass player:  
"Alan, that is not
dancing: that is
Right: during Silver Machine, Arthur ad-libbed "I, I've
got a pair of Spy Glasses, they cost me masses,
£8.99 at ASDA...Do you wanna try," etc etc