Photo Gallery 65: HawkFest 2003 V
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All photos on this page were taken by Alan Taylor, to whom my grateful thanks...
First there was KK Downing and Glenn Tipton...
then Nigel Tufnel and David St.Hubbins... now
the world of rock acknowledges Barton & Brock!
Above: WHY???

Left & Right: great to see
Dave out from behind his
synths.  More please!

Below: Angela Android
displays a certain pleasing
rotundity of thigh (if you
like that kind of thing!)
Right: I thought Arthur only dressed up like this for Sun
Ray, but it wasn't included in the set.  Note hand in
foreground holding up a mobile phone.  "Ere, Dave, listen
to this!  Better than the wedding you're at, eh?!"
"OK, can everyone have a look around for Harvey's hearing aid, it fell out during Huw's guitar solo in the
middle of Waiting For Tomorrow..."