Photo Gallery 68: SpaceRitual.Net @ Canterbury, 22/08/03

These photographs were sent to me by Melissa Joseph, and she retains copyright over these images.  
If you wish to use them please contact me
here so that I can pass on to her your request.

WARNING: some of these pictures are of an Adult nature and are not suitable for viewing by children
or those who may be offended by nudity.  Please hit the Back button on your browser if this applies
to you.
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We start off with a wholesome stage shot, fit for all the family give or take Jaki's bordello outfit.  I don't
know who the dancer is, but Nik and Mick lend this picture a veneer of respectability, which is not
something that has probably ever been said before!
L-R: Alice Rhubarb (you see why I said not
suitable for kids?), Debbie (more of HER later) and
Ummm...well, this is certainly more of Ms.Debbie
We haven't hit bottom yet, it gets worse... fact I may have boobed by posting these pics
It's a bit late in the day to mount an effective cover up ... oh, why not just let it all hang out?
Above: Nik, Mick and Jaki Windmill...
Ahhhh - CHOOOOOO...
C'mon Jaki, lay some skin on us!
"A Brickie in a Negligee", eh Thomas?  Well smell
that and tell me if you still think I'm not all man!
Left: Nik and...someone...
Below: Mr. Crimble is unimpressed by Nik's evident
Jaki waits for the right moment to bring the Djembe into play - Ollis Senior bashes on regardless