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These pictures were kindly supplied by that most excellent chap Wilfried Schuesler, from his private
collection of memorabilia.  Some of these photos have never been seen before, as they were taken by
a member of Hawkwind's road crew.  It is my understanding that their publication on this site has
been authorised by the copyright holder.  (And if my understanding turns out to be wrong I will be
pulling those photos from the page!).  Once again, a million thanks to Wilfried!!
Right: the Space
Ritual line-up in a
previously unseen
photo.  This is
from a printed
photo, which had
curled up over the
years - this is why
Dave Brock looks
so odd here
(farthest right).

The other people in
the photo are (L-R)
Stacia, Nik,
Lemmy, Del,
DikMik and Simon
Left: Alan
Davey &
Brock on

Right: 4
pickups on
that guitar!
Above: Mick Kirton, maybe (?) & Dave on stage
Right: Dave Brock is the Captain of the Striped Pants
Lemmy in '73 (left) and onstage with Dave at Reading, 1986 (above)
A splash of
colour at last - a
recent stage shot
of Dave showing
why he usually
won't come out
from behind his
synths - he's got
his trousers
tucked into his
socks... when it
comes to
presents for the
Captain -- how
about a pair of
bicycle clips?
Right: Tim Blake
on the left,  with
Huw and Harvey
on stage also.  
That would date
this photo to

Below: another pic
of a similar vintage -
Huw had been
teaching guitar at a
school in Streatham
immediately before
rejoining ->
Hawkwind for
the first time in
1979. That's the
only reasonable
excuse I can
think of for him
having a page
boy haircut,
Right: on stage at
the 1984
Festival.  Alan
Davey on the left,
Nik in the middle
and Dave Brock
over on the right...
Alternatively it
could be from
the Earth Ritual
tour in 1984
Above: Dave and Harvey setting
up at Stonehenge 84

Left: Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man,
take a tip from me...those trousers
suck big time :-)
Right: Nik again, during the night
set on 21/06/84 at (you guessed it)
Below: the dawn set, Nik with
hairy vestal virgins
Below: two pics
that  are similar
but not identical to
others elsewhere
on the site...

On the left: Nik and
Mr. Moorcock
contemplate the
London Stock
Market, October

...while the rest of
the band (on the
right) wait for the
bookies to open