Photographs - Gallery 71: Memorabilia XI
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Heartfelt thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, who made his private collection of memorabilia available for many
of these images
Tour ads from 1990, 1992 and Blackheath 97
HawkFest 2003 artefacts - ad (top left), free CD
(above), and ticket (left).  The free CD was given
to the first 500 ticket buyers, and yours truly was
the very FIRST ticket buyer - the number "1" is
written on the back of the ticket (left) in the top
right hand corner.  And Kris emailed me to
confirm that I am indeed Hawkwind's Number
One Fan!
A German magazine feature with some otherwise unseen I can't read the text...
Below: A brand-new tattoo belonging to Hawkfan
Nick.  He chose the design from my temporary
tattoos image!  (73-74 Ridiculous Roadshow tour)
Above left: "You don't necessarily have to take drugs
to enjoy music.  With the light shows and sound
frequencies, it's what we've always been saying -
you should be able to get off on the sound".  Dave
Brock, honorary chairman of the Mary Whitehouse
Anti-Drugs League (Seaton branch, 1974-75)
Above: four and half Black Rhinos were saved!