Photographs - Gallery 72: Memorabilia XII
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Heartfelt thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, who made his private collection of memorabilia available for many
of these images
Left: obituary clipping.      Below: 1972 programme
1987 Acid Daze ticket, sticker
and ad (above & left)
Badges from
the 70's (right)
and 80's (left)
Below: the storyline of the Alien 4 album.  I think this may be a
limited-edition insert with the vinyl version of the album
Above: news clipping.  Above right: music paper ad for
the 1973-74 "Ridiculous Roadshow" tour

Below: 1992 video                         Right: T-shirt graphic
Below and bottom: boob-obsessed inner pages
from the same 1972 tour programme.  I guess
Barney had a thing for Stacia.  Understandable...