Photographs - Gallery 73: Memorabilia XIII
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Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, who made his private collection of memorabilia available for these images
Above: looks like clay but it's plastic

Left: the original COTBS video cover, and (below) COTBS cassette
Left: Flicknife ad, 1985-6

Below: Not yet on general release, here is the front and back of the HawkFest 2002 CD.  The chap on the back looks to have  a nasty cold sore.
Above and below: master tapes - possibly from the BBC recording for which the Sound Recording Report is shown at the top of this page
Right: unusual psychedellic badge
Left: Griffin flyer for the 1995 US tour

Above: merchandising sheet supplied with the 1981 Sonic Attack album

Below: 1973 Windsor Free Fest flyer
1990 Space Bandits sticker  - nice carpet, Wilfried!