Photographs - Gallery 74: 70's Miscellany II
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Grateful thanks to Michael Barnes, Philippe Doro and Derek Whitaker for the photos on this page.  
The grainier ones were scanned (by me) from the back cover of Hawkfan 5.  These were originally
taken by Steve & Geoff Barrett and Brian Tawn.
Above: Tim Blake, 1979

Left: this pic of Stacia was
originally printed crooked so I had
to muck about with it a bit, which
included taking liberties with her
right thigh :-)

Below: Dik Mik blissed out,
probably in 1971 or thereabouts
Above: August 1970: (L-R) Thomas Crimble, Nik Turner, DikMik, Huw Lloyd Langton, Terry Ollis,
Dave Brock.  This is the line-up that played outside the Isle of Wight Festival
Above: Live of a
series of postcards
that was offered to
Hawkfans by, er,

Right: another stage
shot from the same
Below: three
pics of Steve
from his
'Fresh Blood'
solo album
Above right: Stacia and Nik, from the Jan 1975 issue of Rock & Folk - a French magazine!