Photographs - Gallery 76: Big Ones II
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Grateful thanks to Derek Whitaker for many of the photos on this page.
Mr. Ollis developed a novel technique to avoid having to share his joints with Mr. Anderson
Above: we've seen a small version of this before.  Turner, Stacia, Powell, House, Lemmy, Brock, King
Above: Brock 1979                Right Terry Ollis, 1971
 Below: marijuana smoke overwhelms the stage
Above: Huw Lloyd Langton in 1982.  
Right: Dave's Westone Paduak was initially a
rather dull brown.  So he was delighted with the
custom paint job (below right)...
Above: Bridget Wishart and Alan Davey, 1991

Below: Hawkwind 1997
Above: Dave Brock, 1981 - pic courtesy of Wilfried Schuelsler

Above Left: Keef Barton, sometime guitarist for Spacehead,
member of Hawkwind crew, and I don't want to say any more
than that, on account of being intensely jealous!

Left: Harvey Bainbridge in 1991.  This is what his hair normally
looks like...

Below: Hawkwind on stage in 1982  Note Harvey's hair now,
with that windblown look while Huw's and Dave's is
undisturbed. Yes, he was using a wind machine, years before
Jon Bon Jovi...