Photographs - Gallery 78: Memorabilia XV
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Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for these images
Above & Left: backstage passes
Rare enamelled badges (1980 above; 1976 below)
Left: December 2002 tour flyer
Right: an advert from Germany
Below: Hawkwind & Ozric Tentacles, what a bill!
Left and Below: 8-track cartridge versions of the
Quark and Hawklords albums.  It's surprising that
the format survived that long...
Right: 1984 &
1986 tour
Right: an early gig poster, with a
subsequently illustrious name as support
Left and Below: tickets from 1990,
1992 and 1997 Scottish dates.  The
Liquid Rooms ticket below has been
signed by Jerry Richards and Ron Tree
Below: 1993 Rock'n'Blues poster (left)   1981 Hammersmith ticket (right)
Below: a 1974 sticker - first use of "Roadhawks"?
Below: 1987 postcard from GWR Records