Photographs - Gallery 80: Dunstable 72 - Part 2
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Sorry Dave...but that is some gurn!
Simon King, looking weary but satisfied...
Nik Turner - and Stacia, looking very fetching
even with that pancake makeup all over her face
Below: a Dave Brock sequence....
Left: DikMik sucking his thumb?  Maybe not (as I can see it!)
Above: Stacia, looking rather unfocussed
Left: Lemmy     Below: (L-R) Nik, Simon, DikMik, Lemmy
Above: Nik & Simon    Below:  Stacia, still not really here...
Above: Nik             Below:  Lemmy, uncharactistically moved
Right: Nik's just seen
Dave Brock fall over
demolishing his stack
of amps...
...but hurriedly
returns to his flute
when Dave glares
across the stage at him
Right: Lemmy