Photographs - Gallery 81: Dunstable 72 - Part 3
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DikMik wearing the Queen Mum's favourite hat
How much longer?  I want to get home to watch Z Cars!
L-R Dikmik & Simon King
The next sequence of photos details the many hairstyles of Nik Turner...
Above left: Stacia - babe        Above right: Lemmy & Nik

Left: DikMik wondering why other people get all the
attention, when they're not even wearing silly hats...
Simon (left and above)

                 Lemmy (above left, classic pose) and below
Above: the high wattage of Nik's hearing aid (which
DikMik is resetting here) is shown by the thickness of
the cable he wears.
Simon's halo
(L-R) Del Dettmar just visible, Nik & Simon