Photographs - Gallery 82: From The Vaults III
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Thanks to Alan Taylor, Wilfried Schuesler,and Derek Whitaker for some of the photos on this page
Below: Paul Rudolph and Bob Calvert, Atomhenge in the background
Right: Simon House, 1976, apparently wearing a
welder's mask on stage
Below: Brocky (slouching as usual) 1978
Below: Brockosaurus Erectus, 1976.  Note the
Gibson SG and bloodstains from the Night Of The
Long Knives (sacking of Rudolph, Powell & Nik)
Below: Harvey Bainbridge, 2002
Above left; Huw Lloyd Langton.  Above right: a
blissed-out Tim Blake..
Left: Arfur with Dave at Watlthamstow, Dec 2002
Below: Alan Davey at the same gig
Below: HawkFest 2002: (L-R) Alan Davey, ?, Tim Blake, ?, Dave Brock, Keith Kniveton
Above: Bob Calvert in safety glasses.  Right:
Simon King, 1976
Above: Hawkwind 1975 or 1976.

Left: Nik the Pirate, and (right) in holy orders.
These 4 photos are reproduced from
newspaper cliipings.  Dave (above), Bob
(left), Nik (right) and early 70's
Hawkwind (below)
Above: this photo
always reminds me of
the Quark sleeve notes
where it says "last year
found us in debt and out
of touch with the
modern world".  Was
this pic taken at Cardiff
Castle, perhaps?