Photographs - Gallery 83: Memorabilia XVI
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Thanks to Wilfried Schuesler and Alfred Koessl for many of these images
Above: Cherry Red flyer accompanying the Love In Space DVD
Above: the booklet accompanying the Anthology
1967-82 CD
Above: (L-R) 1986 cloth patch, mid-80's Chaos badge, and WOTEOT badge
Above: COTBS original inner sleeve
Above: best ever ticket IMHO
1990 sticker (above)  and 1980's videos (below)
Left: a postcard promoting something I know not -
possibly the Promo Collection VHS tape (above left) ?

Below: locally produced 1990 concert poster
Front and back of 1998 Strange Daze T-Shirt
Above: an early Space Ritual happening
Above: Warrior

Left: Xmas 2001
flyer... Right:
1981 cloth patch

Below: 1992
Right: 1990's music paper advertisement