Photographs - Gallery 84: Mixed Bag II
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Thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, Rod Stankey and Alfred Koessl for many of these images
Above: on stage, 1990.  Below: sadistic dentist, 1985
Above: "Dave Brock, the leader of Hawkwind"
Below: a frightening looking Harvey Bainbridge 1985
Above right: Alan &
Richard, 1990

Left: Bob Calvert, 1976

Right: Huw, 1985

Below left: Chronicle Of The
Black Sword stage, 1985

Below right: Dave 1990
Harvey on keys, 1990
Above: Dave at ease with himself sometime in the
early 80's
Above: two more live shots from 1990.  Alan Davey (left) and a blue moment on stage (right)
Above right: Paul Rudolph, playing a guitar solo during a live performance of Chronoglide Skyway on the
1976 Astounding Sounds tour.  Well, that much can be surmised by the fact that the Atomhenge stage set
can be seen in the background...