Photographs - Gallery 85: Mixed Bag III
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Thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, Rod Stankey and Alfred Koessl for many of these images
Above: Alan Davey, Nottingham 1990 (left), and with Huw, 1985 (right)
Right: Brock In Sock Rock Shock, from a crumpled news clipping
Below: Nik 2001 (left), Alan Davey in the mid 80's (right)
Huw beaming,
Below: Beauty and the Beast
Right: Stacia
doing wonders
for my twinkly
Above: stage, 1990.  Below: a rather fey-looking Huw
Lloyd Langton back in 1985
Above: Dave from the Chronicle of the Black Sword
video, 1985.  The white stippling is a video "effect"
More video capture, this time from 'Live Legends' (1990) above right, below left and below right