Photographs - Gallery 86: Caught in The Act
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More video capture from 'Live Legends' (1990) and 'Chronicle Of The Black Sword' (1985)
Hey, you'll put somebody's eye out with that thing ...... or worse yet, I might lose one of my sideburns......
Above: On his day off, Dave
moonlights as an auctioneer at
Honiton Cattle Market
Left: Thankfully he shows his
sensible side here on stage
with Hawkwind
Above & Below: variations in stage lighting?
Above: Huw in an out-take from the abandoned DVD
project "Hawkwind - The Mullet Years"
Right: A Bird's Eye view of Harvey's keyboards and
his bird's nest hair
"Now, I don't want you
to panic...but I'm going
to 'sing'..."
For a while back in 1990, Simon "One
Glove" House was touted as Hawkwind's
answer to Michael Jackson
With mounting excitement,
Tony Crerar awaits the
Oscar nominations