Photo Gallery 88: Space Ritual @ Sheffield, 6th November 2003

These photographs were sent to me by Melissa Joseph, and she retains copyright over these images.  
If you wish to use them please contact me
here so that I can pass on to her your request.

Space Ritual have undergone some changes recently, having parted from manager Chris Hewitt,
dispensed with Alice Rhubarb and Jaki Windmill, and changed their name (slightly)from the previous
SpaceRitual.Net.  Check out their new website at
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Left: Thomas, Dave, Nik & Deb

Below left: Sam Ollis & Thomas

Below right: Dave, Nik, Mick
Above: L-R blurry Deb E, Terry Ollis, Mick Slattery
Below: Dave Anderson, Deb and Mick
Above: Thomas Crimble & Nik (below, also)
Below: well, no photoset of Space Ritual would be
complete without a shot of Deb E in all her glory
(or the top half of it anyway).  I hear the band can
now play without missing a beat when she does
the biz - if they all look studiously in the other
direction, as here...
Above left: a small brush fire breaks out on stage,
Nik stamps it out as Dave and Mick look on

Above: Steptoe and Son, er, I mean Sam & Terry

Left: Nik must be a Hammers fan, or possibly
playing a number dedicated to Michael Jackson's
pet chimpanzee

Below: Messrs. Crimble and Turner