Photographs - Gallery 89: Memorabilia XVIII
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Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler, Filip Vanhuyse and Demonic Rod Flash for many of these images
passes 89-96

Right: 1981

Left: 90's

Below: 1975
Below; backstage passes 1995-96
Below right: a
Levitation tour
1972 poster (left); early 80's
badges (above); mid-90's EBS
postcard (right)
Below: Flicknife
COTBS CD cover
Above: rare Belgian flyer for a gig that never took
place.  Right: Galaxy T-shirt and stage prop Helmet
Above: Quark / PXR5 double play cassette
Right: rare Hawktribe T-shirt, 1 of only 30 made
Below: Star Nation flyer from 2000 or 2001
Above: front and back of commemorative T-shirt celebrating Arin & Rich's wedding, June 21st 2003.  They
tell me I am one of only 2 people who didn't get to the wedding but have a T-shirt :-)  Thank you!!!