Photographs - Gallery 90: Mixed Bag IV
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Many thanks to Filip Vanhuyse and Wilfried Schuesler for many of these images
Above: (L-R) Lemmy, Simon House, Dave Brock - the Hawkestra, 21/10/2000 at Brixton Academy
Above: Stacia kissed him but he was still Nik Turner

Left: Westone Paduak-wielding Brock, early 80's
Above left: Alan Davey, 1992.  Above: solo Harvey, 2002
Left: Alien 4 tour dancer (helmet also in
Photo Gallery 89)
Below: Hawkwind 1971
Above: Down Under (NZ) in 2000,
Brock, House, Richards, Chadwick,
Steve Taylor and Bainbridge

Left: Harvey 2002.  Below: 80's stage shot
Above: (L-R) Tim Blake, Danny Baker, Dave
& Kris, 12th December 2002; they'd all just
appeared on Danny Baker's Radio 1 breakfast
Right: Harvey on stage 2002
Above: Can I see your
ticket please...

Right: Hawkwind in 1987,
at a guess.  L-R: Dave
Brock, Harvey Bainbridge
(or is that Bridget
Wishart?), Huw Lloyd
Langton and Alan Davey

Below: NZ 2000.  L-R:
Dave Brock,  Harvey
Bainbridge, Richard
Chadwick, Simon House,
Jerry Richards and Steve