Photographs - Gallery 95: 70's, 80's & 90's
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Arthur, 2001.       Right: Space Ritual dancers, 1972
Liberties taken with Del's head are penalised.  
Andrew Lauder of UA Records wisely looks away
Above: lightshow, 1999.  Below: Doug Smith, 1974
Above: from a series of
U.S. Government
'Wanted' posters, Jerry
Richards.  His
accomplice is shown

Left and right: contact
sheet photo strips from
Below: Nik, 1970.         Right: Dave & Simon 2000
Left: the Captain
dreams up another

Below: Dave
Brock on stage in
Below: I can't figure out who this is.  Scanned
from the 1976 Astounding Sounds tour programme
Atomhenge, quiescent (top) and blazing (below)
Flying Is Trying Is Dying - live on stage during the Space Ritual tour, Nov-Dec 1972
Above: debauchery on tour 1974 - Strip Monopoly!