Photographs - Gallery 96: 70's, 80's & 90's II
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Dave & drum roadie, 1974 (above) on a US tour.  
Right: an understandably blissed-out Del Dettmar (?)
Hawkwind 1987 vintage (above) and in 1971 (below)
Dave (above), Dibs (right) plus
Ron, Kris & Wango (below)
Above: Dave
with new recruit,
and (left) with an
old one
Left: Huw in 1970, and the band in 1971 (below)
Right: Simon House,
A Bloke & Nik
Turner, 1976
Messrs. Kniveton &
By cunningly distracting the robot with his finger,
Dave is able to grab it by the throat just in time
Above: on a US tour in 1974.  Below: 1972 contact
sheet strips
Thanks to Nick Lee for this and the other colour
pics of Huw, which show him playing live with the
Lloyd Langton Group at the Marquee in the 80's
Below: Hawkwind playing under the Westway at
the top of Portobello Road in 1971