Photographs - Gallery 98: 70's, 80's & 90's IV
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Thanks to Nick Lee for the colour photos on this page
Above: Hawklords on a secret mission.  Shhh!!
Above and Below: 1976 stage shots
Above : the Alien at the 2003 HawkFest.
Above left: I recognise that coat!  (L-R:)
Lucy, Mike & Jill - Hawkest 2003

Left:: a stage shot from the late 80's /
early 90's.  

Above: Dave Happy.  Below: this is why
wedding to
Roy Dyke?
Or was she  
for a part
in Oliver!?
Below: another stage lighting shot from Nick...
Right: in an
reality, Bob
on stage at
the last gig
of the '78 US tour: "Got ya this time, Shaw!"
Above: Hawkwind have had their backs against the wall more than once: in 1982 (left) and 1971 (right)
Left: Dave and his girls (c) Nils
Torgfut.  Above & Below: Nik!
Above: Huw racks 'em up.  Below: mid-70's inaction
Below; Fluffy struts her stuff at the HawkFest 2003
Above left: Nik, fluting and hollering with Lemmy
Below: the Roundhouse, looking rather forlorn