Hawkwind Press Releases - Part 1
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I "won" this stuff on E-bay, if you can call it winning
when you end up paying over the odds just to get
your hands on something which you're going to put
on a website for hairy-arsed Hawkwind fans to enjoy
for free :-)  Anyway, the items that were being
auctioned were Griffin Records press releases dating
from 1992-93, relating to U.S. reissues of Hawkwind
albums on CD by that company.  These albums were
the box set of Warrior On The Edge of Time, Out &
Intake and Hawklords Live (which probably wasn't a

They came to me in a nice little Griffin Records card
folder with a biography written by Robert Godwin -
CEO of Griffin and author of The Illustrated
Collector's Guide To Hawkwind, which of course
was the item accompanying WOTEOT in the
aforementioned box set.  A fair few bits and pieces
there, then, and so I am having to spread the scans
of all this stuff over 3 pages.
Left & below left, the front, back and
inside of the folder, with sheet 1 of the
The Hawklords Live press release (above) and the Out & Intake press release (below)