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Hawkwind Press Releases - Part 10

This German-language press release dates from 1980 and was kindly supplied by Wilfried Schuesler -
my grateful thanks!  I translated it into English and I had quite a bit of trouble with this one, so
accuracy is not its strong point.
In its ten years of existence, Hawkwind have become an institution of British rock.  A band that in spite of
adversity and bad luck, have constantly refused to throw in the towel.  The passage of around twenty-five
musicians through the membership of the band, in spite of the continual criticism, is testament to that.  In any
case, it would be no longer and no less strange a Hippy trip, had things been otherwise.

Since its foundation in 1969, Hawkwind - with only singer and guitarist Dave Brock remaining of the founder
members - have remained true to their Space-band ideals, and the band has since those days had to sail
through the most becalmed of musical seas.  Yet today, 1980's version of Hawkwind is probably the best and
strongest there has been - a statement that is ventured even taking into account the golden albums that the
band has made: because this year Hawkwind have found their way back to the full power and freshness of
their apogee.

"Live Seventy-Nine", the first album the band has done in two years, was recorded on the UK Winter '79 tour
and released in July this year.  It has a cutting edge and has made its way into the charts worldwide - not to
mention breaching the British top ten.  Two concerts that the band played in July this year at the London
Lyceum were completely sold out within a few hours: proof of the popularity Hawkwind have enjoyed since
their earliest days.

On the business side, Hawkwind today appears to be in a period of stability for the first time since 1972 -
1974.  In July the fans were surprised to discover that long-serving drummer Simon King had left the band.  
The resulting hole was more than filled, and quickly, by the legendary drummer Ginger Baker, ex- of Cream,
Blind Faith and various solo projects that have served as milestones in the story of the rock.  Originally only
jumping in to help Hawkwind complete the new "Levitation" studio LP, Ginger came on board as a permanent
member.  So Hawkwind now has the following line-up: Dave Brock (guitar, vocals), Huw Lloyd Langton
(guitar), Tim Blake (keyboards, synth), Harvey Bainbridge (bass) and Ginger Baker (drums).  "Levitation" the
studio debut for Bronze Records, is the densest-sounding Hawkwind album yet.  Dave Brock: "It comes out
of what we did on our first album, and the next, 'In Search Of Space'.  And the 'In Search Of Space' LP, that
was the ideal that the band quickly attained.  Unfortunately we have been unable, for various reasons, to
repeat that."

"Levitation" - which is a superlative slice of power - provides striking proof that the band are in the form of
their lives.  From the racing "World Of Tiers" to the unyielding hardness of "Who's Gonna Win The War" the
album hardly gives the listener a chance to draw breath.

The story of Hawkwind is dramatic and studded with conflict.  The music, like the numberless sold out tours
it has occasioned, remains timeless.  Hawkwind have accrued an entire army of faithful fans behind them.  
And kids who were in nappies back then, today buy just as many of the quintet's LPs, and storm into as many
concerts as the tribe of sworn original followers.

With their self-confidence so strengthened now, Hawkwind couldn't care less about critical voices.  Also, for
the foreseeable future, the band is set to lend its name to good causes as well as profitable activities.  That is
nothing new for Hawkwind.  During its existence the band has played at least one out of every ten gigs as
benefits for charity organizations, whether for nuclear disarmament or for a community ambulance.  The
institution of Hawkwind is today stronger than ever before.

Hawkwind History

From Group X and Hawkwind Zoo, Hawkwind is formed.  Their debut concert takes place at All Saints Hall
in London's Notting Hill gate. Line-up: Terry Ollis (drums), Nik Turner (sax), Dave Brock (guitar, vocals),
DikMik (electronics), John Harrison (bass) and Mick Slattery (guitar). In November they sign a record
contract with United Artists. Slattery leaves the band and is replaced by Huw Lloyd Langton and Dick Taylor
(both guitar).

Release of the debut album "Hawkwind" and of the first Single "Hurry On Sundown".  Dick Taylor and Huw
Lloyd Langton leave the band.  Thomas Crimble comes in for bassist Harrison, who also throws the towel in.  
After a free gig outside the gates of the Isle of Wight festival, the band gradually moves into the centre of the
public attention.

Thomas Crimble leaves in May.  Dave Anderson replaces him, and is in turn replaced in August by Lemmy.  
Del Dettmar (synth) and dancer Stacia join in Hawkwind.  In October the "In Search Of Space" album

Drummer Terry Ollis is replaced in January by Simon King.  This line-up plays the Greasy Truckers Party in
February at the London Roundhouse.  The highlights of the concert appear on the "Greasy Truckers Partyâ
€� album in April and on "Glastonbury Fayre" in June.  "Silver Machine", recorded at the concert, is given a
cutting edge when remixed for release as a single in June.  It attains Top 3 success in the British charts.  In
November the third Hawkwind album "Doremi Fasol Latido" is released.

In May a cutting edge live double-album recorded during a mammoth-tour through England in winter 72 / 73,
"Space Ritual", is released.  A single "Urban Guerilla", comes out in August and gets to number 39 in the
English charts before being blacklisted because of terrorist bomb attacks in London.  DikMik leaves in
August. First US tour in November.

UK tour in January and February.  In March there is a second US  tour.  Del Dettmar leaves and is replaced
by Simon House.  Bob Calvert leaves the band temporarily in order to complete his solo album "Captain
Lockheed and the Starfighters".  Simon King breaks several ribs in July and Alan Powell is brought into the
band on a short-term basis.  In September "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" is released.  A US tour in October is
followed by an expanded 75-date UK tour from December to January.

Because of a bust by Canadian customs officials, Lemmy leaves the band in May.  Paul Rudolph flies in to
replace him on the continued US tour.  Stacia leaves to get married.  The album "Warrior On The Edge Of
Time" appears.  In August Hawkwind headline the Reading festival.  Bob Calvert issues his second solo album
"Lucky Leif and the Longships" and rejoins the band.

Contract with Charisma Records.  The LP "Astounding Sounds Amazing Music" appears in August.  In April
the United Artists compilation "Roadhawks" is released.

Paul Rudolph, Alan Powell and Nik Turner leave Hawkwind, and Adrian Shaw (bass) joins.  "Masters Of The
Universe", another compilation, is released by UA in February.  In the same month the new line-up plays a
debut gig at the London Roundhouse.  In June "Quark, Strangeness & Charm", the second Hawkwind album
for Charisma, is released.  UK tours in June and September / October.

Simon House exits in February and is replaced by Paul Hayles.  At the end of a disastrous US tour, Dave
Brock sells his guitar, which heralds the break-up of Hawkwind.  After founding The Sonic Assassins, Dave
Brock reforms Hawkwind under the name of "The Hawklords".  Post the reorganization, Simon King departs
from the band for six months.  He is replaced by Martin Griffin.  In June keyboard player Steve Swindells
comes in for Paul Hayles, and Harvey Bainbridge replaces Adrian Shaw.  In the October the "Hawklords"
album comes out.  Bob Calvert leaves the band.  UK tour in December.

In January the "PXR5" album, recorded in 1978, is released.  In August the decision is made to resume the
Hawkwind name.  Steve Swindells is replaced by Tim Blake (keyboards, synth).  Guitarist Huw Lloyd
Langton rejoins after a ten-year absence from the band.  The line-up is: Dave Brock (guitar, vocal), Tim Blake
(keyboards, synth), Harvey Bainbridge (bass, vocals), Simon King (drums), Huw Lloyd Langton (guitar).  
The reorganized band makes its live debut at the Sci-Fi festival in Leeds.  A UK tour is undertaken in
November and December.  

Record contract signed with Bronze Records in June.  In July, Hawkwind release their debut Bronze album
"Live 79", recorded on the last UK tour in Winter 1979.  Simon King leaves the ranks, for Ginger Baker.  The
first studio album in two years appears in October: "Levitation".  UK tour resumes in the autumn.