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Hawkwind Press Releases - Part 11

First, a 1988 effort from Doug Smith's GWR Records:
This continued with the timeline from 1970 through 1988 that appeared in other GWR press releases.  
I've already retyped it on the
Press Releases, Part 6 page and so haven't bothered to restate all that
here.  The two timelines were identical down through 1987, but then diverged.  The current (1988)
press release finishes up like this:
1988 - Hawkwind are set to take 'Acid Daze' to the States with Doctor and the Medics and are to
release their first studio album in three years:- "XENON CODEX".

For further information contact:-    
GWR Records on (01) 286-3000
(don't phone, they're not answering!)