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Hawkwind Press Releases, Part 15

Thanks again to Wilfried Schuesler for the two American press releases shown here.  The first originated
from the West Coast (Los Angeles) in 1978, and the second from New York City in 1990...Once again I've
retyped the text from the images, which are somewhat hard to read...
The Howard Bloom Organization, Ltd.
: For Immediate Release

Drummer Simon King has rejoined Charisma Records'
group Hawklords.  King, along with Bob Calvert and
Dave Brock, was a founding member of Hawkwind
which has since become Hawklords.

The Hawklords have just released their first single, Psi
Power, off their recently released LP, Hawklords on
Charisma Records (distributed by Polydor Records in
the U.S.)  The group has just completed a 34-date
tour in the U.K. that brought them before audiences
totaling over 75,000.  Melody Maker reported that the
London audience at Hammersmith Odeon "went
absolutely bananas, and gave the band the kind of
reception that hasn't been seen at Hammersmith for
many a gig."
Roadrunner Records press release,
19th October 1990:

Hawkwind has been around for 532 years.  They
have released 638 albums, and they have had 1,324
members pass through the band, including John
Coltrane, Gene Autry, Ethel Merman, The Wright
Brothers, and Leonardo Da Vinci before he took up

Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.  Actually,
the band has been around for 21 years (which makes
them older than most metal radio promo people), and
have released 16 albums (6 more than Led Zeppelin).  
They have had 23 members pass through their ranks
over the years, including Lemmy of Motorhead (who
was kicked out after a drug bust at the Canadian
border), Ginger Baker from Cream, and science
fiction author Michael Moorcock, whose 1976 novel
"The Time Of The Hawklords" was inspired by the
band.  Part of their 1972 line-up included Del
Dettmar and Dik Mik, who were simply listed on the
band roster for "electronics".  They've also had
dancers and poets as part of the band.
Now, as the rest of us adjust to the nineties, Hawkwind prepare to release Space Bandits, a brand new album
of space age hard rock by the band that knows it better than anyone.  Descended from the same seed as
Pink Floyd, Hawkwind has maintained a serious cult following over the years, as evidenced by the great
turnout for their 1989 tour, their first since the late seventies.  If you need more historical detail on the band,
continue to read past this page.  If not, then just turn on the tape, and hear that Space Bandits keeps
Hawkwind as unique now as they were when the group started in 1969.


Founded by Dave Brock (lead guitar/vocals), Hawkwind were a loose aggregation of hippies; specializing in
progressive extemporaneous recitals, they captivated a small but dedicated following in London circa 1969.

In 1970, they released their self-titled debut.  Later that year, Hawkwind appeared at the historic Isle Of
Wight extravaganza: they weren't on the bill, however, they played for free outside the gates in protest
against high admission prices.

Renown for their rallying support of charities and worthwhile causes, Hawkwind's philosophy and lifestyle
earned them the distinction of being the "people's band".  Their second LP, In Search Of Space, made the
British album charts in 1971.  After recording the infamous "Greasy Truckers Party" LP at the London
Roundhouse in '72, Hawkwind released the million-selling "Silver Machine" single with a line-up that included
Lemmy Kilmister (bass, future Motorhead), Simon King (drums), Robert Calvert (poet), Nik Turner (sax),
Stacia (dancer), Del Dettmar and Dik Mik (electronics).  They also released their third LP, Doremi Fasol

During this time, Hawkwind had also embarked on the electrifying science-fiction inspired Space Ritual Road
Show: Space Ritual Live, recorded at Liverpool Stadium, was released prior to the departure of Dik Mik and
Robert Calvert.  Joining the rapidly revolving line-up was San Francisco writer Michael Moorcock, whose
1976 novel "The Time Of The Hawklords," was inspired by the band.

Subsequently, Del Dettmar left and was replaced by Simon House.  The release of Hall Of The Mountain
Grill followed.  When Simon King broke several ribs, Alan Powell stepped in and remained with the band
upon Simon's return.

In 1975, Warrior On The Edge Of Time was released: though Lemmy (who later formed Motorhead) was
fired after being busted for speed at the Canadian border, he was quickly replaced by Paul Rudolph, formerly
of the Pink Fairies. Stacia left, Robert Calvert re-joined and 1976 signalled a year of further upheavals.  
Signing with Charisma Records, Hawkwind released Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music: subsequently, Nik
Turner, Paul Rudolph and Alan Powell departed.

The 1976 Roadhawks LP chronicles their early years.  United Artists released the Masters Of The Universe
compilation in 1977: that year also marked the publication of their second book, "Queens Of Deliria."

During this period, Adrian Shaw joined on bass prior to Charisma's Quark Strangeness and Charm.  
Following another personnel change -Simon House was replaced by Paul Hayles- as well as an American
tour, Brock decided to disband, and sold his guitar to an American fan.

Back in England, Brock formed the Hawklords, and 25 Years On was released.  A previously unreleased disc
entitled PXR5 also surfaced on Charisma.

Though the Hawklords failed to take off, Brock re-established Hawkwind.  The new line-up featured Harvey
Bainbridge (bass), Huw Lloyd-Langton ((guitar), Simon King (drums) and Tim Blake on keyboards.

Signing with Bronze in 1980, they released Live '79 and re-captured their fans with ease.  Charisma released
Repeat Performance, Ginger Baker replaced Simon King, and the release of Levitation followed.  Further
personnel changes ensued, and Hawkwind signed with RCA, releasing Sonic Attack.

1982 brought the release of Church Of Hawkwind and Choose Your Masques.  Signing with Flicknife in
1985, brought about Hawkwind's most successful UK tour.

The Hawkwind saga continues in 1986 with the release of Live Chronicles, a double live album on GWR,
and in 1987 the band headlined two extremely successful packages under the banner "Acid Daze", selling out
London Finsbury Park and the Leeds Queen Hall.

1988 saw the release of their first studio album in three years, as Xenon Codex was met by the praise of the
music press.  At this point, Huw Lloyd-Langton decided to pursue his solo career.

In 1989, Richard Chadwick replaced drummer Danny Thompson, and Hawkwind toured the US for the first
time since the late seventies, and the solid attendance at the shows verified that their hardcore following had
remained fiercely loyal.

Presently, Hawkwind are preparing to release Space Bandits, which is being released on Roadrunner Records
world-wide except in England, where it will be out on GWR / Legacy.  Recorded this past spring in
Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, this album will be followed by tours of both the UK and the US.  Prepare.