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Hawkwind Press Releases - Part 6

This press release packet was put out by Griffin Records in 1995 to promote the Spirit Of The Age
tour of North America.
The packet consisted of a pocket
card (above and below), an
introductory sheet (above right),
a biography (below right), a
discography and list of tour dates
(bottom of page) - all of these
apart from the card were printed
on astrobrite papers, brighter
than the scans shown here
Above: 1989 GWR Press Release.  This was accompanied by a timeline called "The 20 YEAR TRIP",
which I have retyped here:

1970 the release of their debut single Hurry on Sundown and the album 'Hawkwind'. The line up at this
time included Huw Lloyd-Langton who left later in that year and rejoined in 1979.

1971 Lemmy joined prior to the release of 'In Search of Space.'

1972 A stable Hawkwind line up was established in the form of Brock, Lemmy (Bass) Simon King
(Drums), Robert Calvert (poet), Nik Turner (Sax), Stacia (Dancer), Del Dettmar and DikMik
(Electronics}. The band played the legendary 'Greasy Truckers Party' at the Roundhouse which spawned
the chart topping single 'Silver Machine'. The release of the third album 'Doremi Fasol Latido'.

1973 release of the classic 'Space Ritual' album recorded live on the previous year's Space Ritual tour.
DikMik and Robert Calvert left and Michael Moorcock began to make regular appearances with the band.

1974 Del Dettmar left to be replaced by Simon House. Release of 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill'. Drummer
Simon King broke several ribs, Alan Powell stepped in and remained with the band when King returned.

1975 Release of 'Warrior on the Edge of Time'. Lemmy was sacked following a drug bust and was
replaced by Paul Rudolph. Stacia left to get married and Robert Calvert rejoined.

1976 The year of upheaval. The band signed to Charisma and split from Manager Douglas Smith. Release
of 'Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music' followed by the departures of Nik Turner, Paul Rudolph and Alan

1977 Adrian Shaw joined on Bass prior to the release of 'Quark Strangeness and Charm'. Brock and Calvert
teamed up with Harvey Bainbridge, Martin Griffin and Paul Hayles for a gig under the name of "The Sonic

1978 Simon House left to join David Bowie and was replaced by Paul Hayles. During an American tour
Brock decided to call it a day for HAWKWIND and sold his guitar to an American fan. Back in England
Brock established a new band which was essentially, the Sonic Assassins except that Swindells took the
place of Paul Hayles. They called themselves 'The Hawklords' and released an album '25 Years On'.

1979 Martin Griffin sacked and Charisma released a previously shelved album 'PXR5'. Brock decided to
re-established HAWKWIND and set up a new line up of Harvey Bainbridge (Bass) Huw Lloyd-Langton
(Guitars} Simon King (Drums) and Tim Blake (Keyboards)

1980 Signed to Bronze Records and released 'Live 79' HAWKWIND were now firmly re-established with
the fans. Ginger Baker replaced Simon King. The release of 'Levitation' followed - the band's most
successful album in years.

1981 Ginger Baker left together with Blake's temporary replacement Keith Hale. Martin Griffin rejoined on
drums. HAWKWIND signed to RCA and release 'Sonic Attack'.

1982 Release of 'Church of Hawkwind'.  Nik Turner came back, followed by the release of 'Choose your

1983 Andy Anderson replaced Martin Griffin on drums. The band signed to Flicknife, who had begun to
issue various HAWKWIND collectors items and released Zones.

1984 Release of the 12" EP, 'Night of the Hawks'. Following a couple of further swift line up changes,
Harvey Bainbridge moved to Keyboards and Alan Davey joined on Bass. Release of 'This is Hawkwind Do
Not Panic'

1985 Nik Turner left and Danny Thompson replaced Clive Dreamer on drums. Release of the finest album
in many a year 'Chronicle of the Black Sword' followed by the band's most successful UK tour

1986 Band signed with GWR Records. November tour coinciding with the release of the 'Live Chronicles'
double live album in Europe

1987 HAWKWIND headlined two extremely successful packages under the banner 'ACID DAZE' which
sold 10,000 at London's Finsbury Park and 8,000 at Leeds Queen Hall and in addition saw the North
American release of 'Live Chronicles'

1988 HAWKWIND toured the U.K. and Europe extensively to very receptive audiences. Recorded their
first studio album in 4 years, 'Xenon Codex' for GWR.

1989 Sees the American release of 'Xenon Codex' through GWR/Enigma. HAWKWIND is also getting
ready to unruffle their feathers, spread their wings and blow their way across the Atlantic in spring for a
major tour of the United States and Canada.

So look to the cosmos and listen for the 'Quark Strangeness' and may the "force" be with you!!!