Hawkwind, Roadburn Festival, Holland, 22nd April 2006

Many, many thanks to Jollyhawker for this excellent review of his trip to the 2006 Roadburn Festival in
Holland.  Grateful thanks also to Chaos Illumination for the accompanying lightshow photos...while the
non-lightshow photos are (c) Neil Price and Julian Broome 2006

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Friday 21st April

Porthcawl to Dover to Calais to Tilburg was a pretty uneventful but enjoyable trip. On arriving at our hotel
on the outskirts of Tilburg we were dismayed that the proprietor had no records of our booking! Jules
showed him the e-mail of confirmation they had sent him and the guy then realised that the person who had
taken the booking had recently been sacked and had erased all the computer records! He apologised and
said he had one twin room for that evening available but not for the 22nd! We said OK and asked if possible
could he sort us out a room for tomorrow, which much to our relief he did! We settled in and took a few
hours kip and then set off for the venue, about 30 mins away. Tonight was to be the pre-party which we
had booked well in advance. We parked opposite the railway station, right outside the local café! We went
inside and partook of some Nep Black and coffee to see us through the night! (very nice!).

The 013 Venue was just five minutes away on foot and as we approached we could see Neil and Marie and
the rest of the Hawkwind Crew sitting around a street bar table looking a little cold and tired! We joined
them for a drink and a chat. Neil was enthusing about the new laser that they have bought for the light
show! The photos of it in action on his mobile (cell phone) looked pretty spectacular. Unfortunately it had
been too big to bring to Holland and it will be unveiled (so to speak) soon... The hotel next to the bar was
where they were staying and we were soon joined by Alan and Richard. We said our hello's and gave Alan
directions to the café! Richard said (after taking the p*** out of our Welsh accents!) that they had followed
our van into Tilburg (thinking that we obviously knew the way!), "Is your van a red one with silver
windows and a Welsh flag on the rear?" -"yes!"- "Well we were right behind you!" We thought that was
pretty funny! Dave and Kris soon joined us and said hello and after Kris had given out the passes to the
crew Dave whisked everyone off to the venue for something to eat.
The crowd were now getting warmed up and excited at the prospect of the Hawks taking to the stage! To
thunderous applause and whistles they appeared and with a small cosmic intro dived headlong into 'The
Right Stuff' - powerful or what? Loud or what? Jules and me looked at each other and grinned knowing we
were in for a treat! The sound was crystal clear, each instrument clearly recognisable and Dave's guitar was
f***ing awesome! I love it when the sound is loud and powerful and tonight was the business! The PA was
excellent easily on a par with the Astoria! I won't go into a song by song review but suffice to say that they
were all played with exceptional brilliance but for me the outstanding ones were 'The Right Stuff', 'Angela
Android', 'Love in Space', 'Psi Power' and 'Brainbox Pollution'. For Jules it was 'Spirit of the Age' and
'Angela Android'. But of course all the songs were f***ing AWESOME!!! They only did one encore much
to the dismay of us punters who were hoping for another as in Exeter, but although we gave them a rousing
reception it was to no avail! They were probably off to catch the café before it closed!!!

HAWKWIND look very happy on stage these days and it shows in their performances! Who can blame
them when they are getting the recognition they deserve at long last, in the music press and the media in
general. Their music is everywhere these days, the BBC's 'Life on Mars' springs to mind and loads of
documentaries aired recently! Also in books such as REBUS and of course the recent biographies. Their
music is appealing to younger people once again - even my 14 year old son loves them!! They are also one
of the most popular English Icons currently being voted for in the UK! It was also great to see their light
show on one huge screen just like in the Space Ritual days! Well done Neil and Marie for a wonderful show
and the mixing guy who also did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see the new laser in action Neil!! ...hopefully
at the Eastern Haze festival! (By the way Folks, Tim Blake's CRYSTAL MACHINE has just been added to
the bill!).

We said our farewells and returned to the hotel ready for our departure to Britain the next day.

We arrived home in Wales around 1am on the 24th after another long drive but it had all been worth while
we had had a great weekend! What a fantastic country Holland is! There are thousands of bikes
everywhere and everyone uses them all hours of the day and night! The people seemed laid back and
friendly and the café's are great! If you ain't been there do it! You have a chance in November when
GONG (with Steve & Miquette), SYSTEM SEVEN, The STEVE HILLAGE BAND!!!!, HERE & NOW and
many more Gong related bands play the MELKWEG in AMSTERDAM. See you all there!

Best wishes everyone and I will send some photos in as soon as I've sorted them out.  Cheers Man!

-Jollyhawker (Neil).  Porthcawl 11th May 2006
...¦and lo the Jollyhawker said unto Julius the Roadmeister (above!), "Let us go forth to the Neder
regions, the land of Bykes and Dykes, to pay homage to the gods of the Golden Vibe, the Lords of the
Hawk"...and so it came to pass.
Left: the Welsh flag doing double duty in the hotel
room, after having led the Hawks into Tilburg...

The party was in a bar in the venue with an adjoining
room with a stage for the bands called the Batcave,
and it was packed! There was another bar upstairs
where Hawkwind and other bands could be
approached for autographs etc. but it looked very
busy there so we stayed in the downstairs bar where
a couple of Germans latched onto us for a laugh, I
can't remember their names! - anyway hello Hans
and Fritz! They had never seen Hawkwind and were
very much looking forward to the gig - they were not
going to be disappointed! After listening to bands
such as 'End of Level', 'Toner Low' and 'Spaceship
Landing' (the best) and a few drinks we were pretty
knackered and so decided to return to the hotel. It
was a good night, but the best was yet to come!
floor is stepped upward with large steps to a bar at the top!

Consequently everyone had a fantastic unobstructed view of the massive stage! We decided to plant
ourselves next to the mixing desk up on the steps where we had a great view and to keep Marie company.
We didn't get to see any of the bands in the Batcave such as Brant Bjork and Orange Goblin but we did
hear that they were good.

First up were SPACEHEAD who I enjoyed a lot better than previous gigs, probably down to the excellent
PA that was there! Dibs and co. did a wonderful job! Next up was BEVIS FROND who were also very
good and it was nice to see Adrian Shaw again! Their show was augmented by wonderful projections
provided by Big Dave from London who also did a fantastic job with the OZRIC'S the next band on and
who were, as expected, exceptionally good ! But I always feel they could do with a singer! I decided to go
for a wander and was pleased to see that the Hawks had brought a good selection of merchandise with
them and seemed to be doing a roaring trade! On arriving back at our perch and feeling decidedly mangled
upon feasting on more Nep, I looked up to see two grinning faces who I thought I recognised but not
straightaway! Jules nudged me in the ribs and said "It's the guys from LITMUS you twat", who I know
quite well after they stayed at my house during one of their tours! It was Martin and Fiddler- sorry guys
but you know what it's like when you're mangled!!! See ya at the Eastern Haze Festival.
Saturday 22nd April

Feeling refreshed after a good nights kip, shower and
a pleasant breakfast we wandered around the town
where we were staying for a few hours and then set
off for Tilburg to arrive for the 3pm start. We
managed to park right outside the café again and
proceeded to get mangled! When we got to the venue
we were hassled by people who wanted tickets
because the gig was a sell-out! The main hall is about
the same size as the Astoria in London with a
capacity of 2,500 and it was packed! The good thing
the hall is that from about half way back the
Below: Hans and Fritz (probably)