Ruisrock 2004 Festival

Many, many thanks to Antero for the photos and video clips on this page.  They portray Hawkwind's
performance at the Ruisrock 2004 Festival, near Turku, Finland, on 10th July 2004.  Ruisrock has been
going since 1970 which makes it the oldest rock festival there is!  (Along with one they have in the
Apparently, the dancers (above &; below right)
were Finnish
This was Hawkwind's first ever visit to Finland and by all accounts the gig was fantastic, with Dave, Alan &
Richard playing a brilliant set and apparently enjoying themselves greatly.  Phil Caivano (guitarist from
Monster Magnet) played on The Right Stuff, Brainstorm, Psychedelic Warlords and Silver Machine., and
Lemmy joined them for SIlver Machine only: the final song of the encore.
Dave looked very dapper in this dark ensemble...not
his usual sort of thing.  Nice to see the Westone back,
as well
Left &; Below: Hawkwind were joined by Phil
Caivano of Monster Magnet on guitar
Above right &; right: some impressive stage lighting
The set was: Assault and Battery; Golden Void;
Where Are They Now; Out Here We Are; Sword Of
The East; The Right Stuff; Brainstorm; Angels Of
Death; Psychedelic Warlords; Spirit of the Age;
Assassins Of Allah; Brainbox Pollution; Silver
Machine.  And here are some brief video clips, in
RealPlayer format....if you don't have RealPlayer you
can download it
Silver Machine (57 seconds)

Brainstorm (17 seconds)

Psychedelic Warlords (27 seconds)
Above: Messrs. Kilmister, Caivano & Brock
Guests Lemmy and Phil Caivano seen with Alan Davey
(left) and Dave Brock (above).  The core trio, below.
Right: Hard to see, but Dave was wearing a Finnwind
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