More from Ruisrock 2004

Many, many thanks to Timo Kuismin for the photos and to Antero for the video clip on this page.  They
come from Hawkwind's performance at the Ruisrock 2004 Festival, Finland, on 10th July 2004.
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First, the video clip, in Real Player's 18 seconds of the band playing Brainbox Pollution
This is just my opinion, but I think some of these
are the best shots I've seen of Dave in recent years
22nd July 2004: there is now an enthusiastic review of the Ruisrock performance on the Finnwind
site.  It's in English, and there is added interest from the fact that the members of Finnwind helped
arrange Hawkwind's participation in the festival, hence there's something of a backstage angle to this

Another good article / review, with photos, has just appeared in the
Finnish Psychotropic Zone. Thanks
to Antero for telling me about this one...