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Skyfest 12/07/09
Thanks to Justin Redgrave for this review and photos from Hawkwind's headlining appearance at the
Skyfest Festival
Went to Skyfest festival yesterday. Arrived around 19:50. Small stage, beer tent / burger vendor at back,
gazebo selling Hawkwind t-shirts and a mod/ska cd/t-shirt stall. Hill at the back. Portaloos. That was it.
Very small festival, say 400 people tops, lots of volunteers in fluorescent jackets, an ambulance and a
couple of cops (who came into the crowd during Hawkwind's set presumably to eject the bloke they
collared - smoking weed?) Also pretty close to some town houses, not sure what they would have made of
it. HW came on at 21:00. Dave/Tim/ Richard/Dibs/Niall. Set list similar to recent tour but ended after Right
To Decide. Warriors (Of Space And Time); Assault And Battery; Golden Void; Where Are They Now;
Reaper's Poem; Angels Of Death; Prometheus Rising; Poem; Orgone Accumulator; You Know You're Only
Dreaming; Orgone Accumulator; Green Machine; Wraith; You'd Better Believe It; Sentinel; Who's Gonna
Win The War; Right To Decide; Encore: Fahrenheit 451 (no, really :-)), Hassan-i-Sahba; Jam;
Hassan-i-Sahba.  Think that's right, may be a slightly different order.
Dave asked Dibs to tell us about Prometheus, so he did.

During Sentinel the dancers, decked out in alien masks, came through the crowd.  Dave introduced
Fahrenheit 451 as something written by Bob Calvert and the riff was pretty true to the original but without
the stop/start part (the riff kept going after ...'Fahrenheit, 451') - though it was sung by Dibs with Dave
backing on the chorus. Thought the PA might blow up anytime as the support band had some 'sound
issues' but no, pretty clear. Dave thanked the organisers during the set and Dibs got the crowd to give
them 3 cheers at the end (which was probably around 22.25).
Above & below right: Tim Blake setting up on stage
before the main set
This one is actually from the Holmfirth gig on the Spring tour - cheers Justin!