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Thanks to Jane the Snail for this brief clipping from an obscure fanzine apparently named after her,
dating from September 1972
"I used to have fantasies about all this, you know: light up a joint and dream about all this happening.  And
part of my fantasies are that they actually do happen man, like this one has." - Dave Brock of Hawkwind.

On August 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Hawkwind made a triumphant tour of the West Country - playing in
Torquay, Penzance, Barnstaple and Plymouth.

Things have changed little with them since the old days (a few months ago) of 'expenses only' gigs,
equipment rip-offs and general mucking in with the freaks, except they now usually end up in a hotel at the
end of the night instead of crashing out on a floor or in the back of a van.  They've also got a tight (hard?)
bunch of roadies with them now, and nothing escapes Doug Smith their manager; but these things and the
success of Silver Machine haven't changed them into 'superstars' (whatever that means).

Their gigs were an experience, of which their music was only part - you either dug the experience or you
didn't.  Andy Dunkley and his way with the sounds; Stacia their strobe dancer; the light show (which
unfortunately wasn't allowed in Plymouth - and where, by the way, tickets were £1.30 at the beginning of
their act - so I was told; is that right Mr. Van Dyke?); all these things (except the £1.30) plus the inevitable
Muscle made the whole trip a nice scene, and one which it's going to be difficult to repeat.

I mean, how much higher can you go?

Hopefully in a few months Hawkwind will come and show us again - show us again that dope,fantasies
and space are limitless.

P.S. The band gave the Snail £100 and OHM £50 by the way - saving both of us an incredible amount of