Space Ritual @ The 100 Club, 12/11/04
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My grateful thanks to Rob Dreamworker for the text and photos!
We went along to this gig armed with a healthy dose of scepticism and trepidation, having experienced
some of the previous performances of Nik Turner's version of Hawkwind.

However, what a nice surprise; the band were tight and obviously well rehearsed, the music was excellent,
Nik's playing was tuneful and the whole event was highly enjoyable (except for the amount of cigarette
smoke in the venue!), something which I would not say of the recent Hawkwind gig that we went to. The
new songs were also rather good, better than the samples of the new album on Mission Control.
Nik with Dave Anderson & Mick Slattery
As predicted by those who've reviewed the gigs earlier in the tour (thanks), the show last night was a
stunner.  I thought that Space Ritual were good back in July when they last played the 100 Club, but this
was an order of magnitude better again.

The band were slightly smaller in number but much tighter.  For 2 hours and 25 minutes they played their
own style of jazzy / funky space rock, yet managed to stay faithful to some old favourites.  The set flowed
well with lots of long jams that took you off on the groove, although there was a lot of heckling during the
poems (of which there were 8 if you count Sonic Attack and Arrival in Utopia), suggesting that not
everyone was glad of a few minutes to reorient themselves.  It felt coherent rather than a collection of
different songs.

It's too late for me to start to pick out highlights , but here's the setlist:

Ghost Dance
Welcome to the Future
The Right Stuff
Warriors on the Edge
Born to Go
Sonic Attack / Paranoia
Time Crime
The Black Corridor
Orgone Accumulator
The Awakening
Sonic Savages
Watching the Grass Grow
Arrival in Utopia
Children of the Sun
Master of the Universe
Silver Machine (WARNING: extreme audience
participation - Nik entertains the crowd while the
crew start to clear the stage)
Bones of Elvis

Cheers.                Rob
This next review was posted to the Yahoo!
Hawkwind Group in response to Rob's review.  
Many thanks to the author, Dr. Susan Soames, for
permission to repost it here.
So, is Nik Turner's version of Hawkwind better or worse than Dave Brock's version of Hawkwind?  Well,
neither really.  It is a very different band and a very different event, much closer to the live recordings that
I have heard of pre-Space Ritual era Hawkwind than Dave Brock's version of the band are producing.  
There is certainly plenty of room for both on the circuit.

Enjoy!              ....Susan
Nik, Sam, Dave, Angel...all the usual suspects...
For more photos from this gig, please see Photo Gallery 155 - Space Ritual Turn 100 Again.  
With thanks to Melissa Joseph!