Space Ritual's Otherworld Tour 2007
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Thanks to Pete Richards for the text (review of the 21/10/2007 gig at
Colchester Arts Centre) and to Dave Moschini for the photos from the
Space Ritual at The Colchester Arts Centre 21/10/2007
Not the greatest turn out for The Mighty Thunder Rider and his Space Ritual associates Terry Ollis, Mick
Slattery, Thomas Crimble and Jerry Richards. The venue was a deconsecrated church with a little bar next
to the stage. There was a stand selling memorabilia old and new. I was able to meet some of the band
members, before they went to work...and they did work, and they worked well together.

Having suffered the theft of some of their equipment and Nik's costumes, it was still a very impressive
show. The opener, The Right Stuff  was followed by a compendium of Space Ritual's "Otherworld" tracks
(The Riddle, Ritual Of The Ravaged Earth, Time Crime, Sonic Savages, Otherworld, Walking Backwards
plus others) interspaced (get it?) with Hawkwind (Calvert) classics Steppenwolf, Reefer Madness plus
others with a stonking finale of Brainstorm followed by Masters Of The Universe.
100 Club on 14/10/2007...
Space Rock is awesome! So are drugs!   Above: the official tour poster (left) & official merchandise bloke
Below: Gandalf & his missus.  On
the right, Chainsawww & his uncle
Right, Dave with Harvey Bainbridge
Above, going from left to right.... Carnie......Grrrr!!......the legendary head roadie...
The sound was good, impressive guitar playing by Mick and Jerry, very impressive drumming by Terry
(who was taken short during the performance) and trademark flute and saxophone playing by Nik. Nik (and
the crowd) did seem more at home with the Hawkwind classics rather than the new material.
The light show gave the venue the atmosphere,
Angie's dancing complimented the band and
completed a solid all round performance worthy of
-Pete Richards
Below: the following photos are from the 21/10/2007 Colchester Arts Centre gig & were taken by Pete
Richards on a mobile phone