Backstage @ Swedenrock 2004

Hawkwind played at Swedenrock 2004 and did a brief interview backstage immediately after their
set for the official DVD of the event, from which I've transcribed the following.  This DVD is
more of a documentary about the festival rather than a straightforward portrayal (there's no
footage of Hawkwind on stage, for example) and nearly all of the dialogue is in Swedish.  It's
available for purchase at the official
Swedenrock website.
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Matters get underway with Dave Brock performing a pretty convincing impression of Gumby from
Monty Python!
DB: ...That's what's going on out there...but I

Yes we do, but never mind.  Hi, this is Steve
Church.  We're backstage at Swedenrock 2004,
we're with Hawkwind - they've just come off
stage.  Guys, how did it go for you?

DB: For me?  I got terrible backache and it was a
painful experience!

AD: It was very, very strange not hearing the
PA.  I like to hear the PA and all the volume and
the echoes, but we couldn't hear it.

DB: And we didn't have a lightshow.
AD: And we didn't have the lightshow that we
normally have, either.

You had some rain I understand, is that right?

DB: Yes it did rain, but now it's sunny again.  
Typical - soon as we finish, what happens?!

RC: I thought we brought the sun back, don't
you?  I mean, we, you know, the integrity of
what we were doing was there and the sun came
back.  So I think it was all right in the end,
considering we had quite a few equipment
problems on stage, mainly down to my drum
machines and clicks and all the rest of it, which
sort of triggers everything in the band.  But apart
from that, you know, we saved it.

AD: The problems they have in Star Trek, when
they're in the ship and all the things go wrong, you
have to repair it quickly.  Same thing, you know.

RC: Something's wrong on the conduit, the
conduit, yeah!

DB: We think Sweden is a good place to come and
play rock music.  Yes!
Further Gumbyisms ensue and the curtain of charity is thankfully drawn across the remainder of the scene
Now that you've got this far, why not just watch the videoclip?  (RealPlayer format)
RC: Right, that's what we like, yes

First off, you've got enough (inaudible)

DB: Especially whe we can behave like Monty Python and go "I THINK IT'S REALLY GREAT!!"